Why hire an Inspector of Election?


Our mission is to provide every client with the most professional, efficient, and accurate election services possible. We take pride in the ability to customize our services to meet the needs of each individual client.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons our election services far exceed the industry standard to provide your association with the best election services possible:

  • Comprehensive: Our specialized staff will assist your association throughout the entire election process. We have a proven ability to fully serve the association , working hand in hand with the homeowners, Board of Directors, management and counsel to provide the most efficient and unbiased election available within the industry.

  • Specialized: We are exclusively inspectors of election professionals. We are not CPA's, a management office, accountants, etc. We are specialized experts in homeowners association elections.

  • Independent: As an independent third party, we maintain a strict non-political and neutral policy standard throughout the election process. We play NO FAVORITES!

  • Efficient: Our entire process from document preparation, through production and mailing of materials can all be handled in-house, providing a higher level of security and often at a more competitive rate and faster turnaround time.

  • Customized: We work with each association to ensure all documents are customized to their requirements while adhering to the legal requirements of their respective governing documents.

  • Expedient: Our meeting process has been honed over the years to be as efficient, accurate and timely as possible.

  • User-Friendly: We offer a free personalized website for your association's election that can be used to submit nomination forms, request replacement ballots, provide daily ballot updates, meeting and any additional information the association would like to include.

  • Security: Just like your personal checks, our ballots have been designed specifically to reduce the potential for fraud and duplication.

  • Safeguards: Our return envelope process uses unique bar codes for EVERY voter, allowing us to further ensure against any voter fraud, manipulation or duplication of votes.

  • Accuracy: We utilize electronic scanning equipment for most elections to provide a higher level of ballot counting accuracy and consistency. Plus, we monitor all scanned ballots for additional verification and to ensure accurate tabulation before the election results are announced.

If your HOA needs help with your upcoming election, consider our proven track record of providing the most hassle free election services available. You can count on us!

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We are committed to providing you with the most efficient and accurate election services available. Our ballots and envelopes have been designed specifically to ensure accuracy, reduce tabulation time, and reduce the potential for fraud and duplication.

We prepare, print and assemble all election documents in house. This  allows us to customize each election package according to the needs of each individual association, while keeping the printing and mailing costs low.